Welcome to the Indonesian Pioneer SDA Church in New Jersey.

This new website is currently under construction. We hope to have the basic navigation up and running within the next couple of months. Please understand that it will take some time to gather all information from all our church members to have this site fully functioning the way we wish for it to.

ANNOUNCEMENTS from Darryl Legoh!!!

To all our church members, I will be creating a customize email account for each of you. I have just created mine and it is dlegoh@ipsdacnj.org.

So please email me your Full Name (first and last) and your desired email account for our website.

So another example is this:

Your full name: John Doe

Your desired email: jdoe

Your email account will be: jdoe@ipsdacnj.org


Email this information to me at dlegoh@ipsdacnj.org

Thank you